Sunday, June 27, 2010

When great sewing projects go bad

Sigh. Fitting woes - they happen to all of us at one time or another.
Now that nice weather has finally arrived in N. California, in between riding my horse and mountain biking, I have been working on a top from Burda Magazine May 2010:

It's a cute top, and since I had just made a pair of pants in beige and had enough material left over, I thought it would make a nice outfit. Although I find topstitching to be a royal pain, I love the look. Not only does this top have a lot of topstitching BUT it has 4 flap pockets, a collar, buttonholes and an invisible zipper.

[caption id="attachment_192" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Technical Drawing"][/caption]

Over the years, I have learned to adjust Burda patterns accordingly to my size -which means lengthening just about everything - a lot. I added 3 inches to the waist and an inch to the peplum. Everything was coming along great, although the tab front is a bit tricky. The thing with this pattern is it is a little tough to know how it really fits until it is almost done.  Turns out when I was completely finished and I tried it on, it fits me quite nicely, but is a little snug across the chest. The fabric is a medium weight poplin with crosswise stretch. Even with the stretch there was little breathing room. Although the fabric is stretchy, it is quite stiff, which is adding to the discomfort factor. When I was testing the pattern pieces on the dressform, there was enough room in the bust and I did not do a bust adjustment. If I had about an 1/2 inch more on the sides, it would be fitting much better than it is.

So, great job on the sewing if I do say so myself, but the fit is not quite right. After 2 months of making this top, I'm left deciding what to do. Suck it in and wear it, adjust it, toss it, or make it again.
Even Annie the cat is all exhausted over it:

I could always rip it apart and adjust it, but sometimes that can be more time consuming than starting over.

I really like the top - (obviously!) so I have decided I will remake it in a softer, more giving fabric - and with more room to breathe!

It's a learning experience, it's a learning experience, it's a....