Friday, February 22, 2008

My Little Friend

Hello possums,

Been on a bit of a hiatus from sewing so I thought I would start off with something to make you smile.

I needed that vacation from the houndstooth jacket but I will be back to tackling it soon...after I get rid of this nasty flu. Between being frustrated with my sewing of late and feeling sickly, I needed a pick-me-up, something to get me out of this slumber. And I got it in the form of a little package named Tim Gunn. Yes ladies, you too can have a little Tim Gunn of your own. Place him on your sewing table. When collars have you in a bundle, hems are puckering or you want to gouge out your eyes with the stitch ripper, just press the button and get a little dose of Tim Gunn to light a fire under your butt!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Houndstooth Jacket Update

Sometimes you just have to call it a day and move on.
Obviously I did not make the wool contest cutoff in time on Patternreview. It was taking me forever to match up the houndstooth and then I had some fitting issues. And then I had to leave for Los Angeles. Then I deleted my previous post - oops. By the way thanks to whomever mentioned Mood Fabrics. I didn't end up going. 
I don't think I have ripped out stitching as much as I have with this jacket!
A lot of the fault lies in the design of the back of the pattern. The back pleat will not sit flat, it pooches out. Someone else reviewed this pattern and she had the same issue. I am debating whether to take out the pleat completely as my only way to salvage the jacket or chuck the bloody thing.

I think we need to spend some time apart before I decide whether to continue with the relationship.