Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And in the what were they thinking category...

I LOVE Vogue Patterns. They are one of the few pattern company's with some creativity and originality. I look forward to the new pattern designs that come out every season. Imagine my surprise when I received notice of their new spring designs yesterday. I was happy to see that they have a lot of new patterns from designers this season. However, I go to the site and.... wha? Vogue? Is that you? Bear with me as I proceed to massacre....

Pattern #V2940 or the 'Maternity Syndrome'

You know that when the skinny model is looking hippy in the photo, it probably is not going to be a very flattering outfit. Unless, of course, you are 96 pounds. No only that, but their color choice for the dress on the left is...weird. Model on the left also looks like she is about 6 months along.
Vogue, please!! I'm not pregnant and I don't want to look like I am!

Where do I begin? This dress reminds me of the pods in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original, of course). It has pockets. Just to add to the bulkiness around the hip area, (like this dress needed more!).

I like the jacket, though. What I can see of it. But not enough to be stuck with the useless dress pattern. Thank god, they stopped photographing dark outfits with dark backgrounds!

I'm not too much of a bow or flouncy person but I do like them if they are not overdone. Someone should have told Oscar to stop at the sleeves.
Top 1 - is a pirate shirt. It's definitely a contender for Jerry's puffy shirt. I would not wear the top out to dinner. Those honking sleeves would most definitely end up in my soup. I wonder how much material is required JUST for the sleeve!

Top 2 - I am not, nor have I ever been a circus clown. I don't want to LOOK like a circus clown.

Top 3 - This is basically Top 1 without the sleeves. A definite maybe out of the bunch.

Oh god, 80's flashback - no, please!

If I was having a power lunch in Manhattan in the near future, perhaps I would consider making this....

All is not lost.....

This dress looks cute, although I would definitely choose a different fabric...

And this has some definite possibilities