Sunday, February 26, 2006

I've finished the dress!

The burgundy dress I've been making with Sue in mind is finished. I put a lot of stones on it and overall, I am happy with it and I know it looks good on Sue already. Sue was not sure if her white dress has sold yet and she cannot buy mine until it is. She is working with a new teacher named Igor Suvarov down in LA and it sounds like she is really enjoying dancing with him. Not sure if they are going to be doing the Emerald Ball in May but definitely will be competing eventually.
I made quite a large front and back float for the dress out of leftover chiffon. I copied it from another dress I saw online and basically draped the chiffon onto the dress form, gathered it on the arm and cut diagonally, so as to give a nice bias rufflely edge. At first, I thought I would try a rolled hem with my rolled hem foot on my regular sewing maching.
I made a mess.
So I did a rolled hem on my serger which gives a nice lettuce edge. I have gotten the rolled hem foot to work with georgette, but chiffon on a circle skirt - forget it! I think the only way I would be able to do it is to iron it on the fold, then fold again and then sew it. Which defeats the whole purpose of the rolled hem foot and is wayyyy to much manual labour for me! I love my serger (Babylock Evolve) and I don't know what I did before it!
I'm looking forward to the finale of Dancing With the Stars tonight. Hopefully I will get more dress ideas. It's been a hit or miss. Most of the American Smooth styles are too risque to translate to Standard and some of the dresses have been truly heinous.
I thought I would try a latin dress, and I am going to make a dress similar to the samba dress Stacy Keibler wore on the show. I've had this huge amount of material I bought in L.A and I have 5 yards of a pretty orange with sparkly stuff on it. Recently, I managed to find some orange chainette fringe on ebay - hopefully theses oranges will match, but that is always the chance you take when ordering online.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

New Dress Idea

I must admit, I am getting a lot of ideas for dresses from watching 'Dancing With the Stars'. Although some are a bit risque and styled for American Smooth, instead of the more conservative International Standard, I think that some could convert nicely. I especially admired the dress Tatum O'Neal wore on the first episode, probably because it was simple. I also liked the fact that it was black. I don't think all ballroom dresses have to be a bright gaudy colour to get noticed.
I had bought black fabric a long time ago from Joann's (shocker!)- very cheaply, I might add. It has a very nice feel to it and has a matte, velvety finish. I started off with the standard panel pattern, and changed the neckline to go straight across. I also needed to cut a teardrop in the front of the fabric in the middle of the chest. Straps, with 1 inch elastic inserted cross in front and in back. The rest is virtually the same as my master pattern with a nice flowing skirt at the bottom. Because the fabric had a nap , I had to cut all of my pattern pieces in the same direction, which ended up taking a lot of material, considering how wide the bottom is. Luckily, I had bought enough material.