Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, hello there! Hot Patterns 1014

I've been gone awhile, but it's good to be back. Remodeling a home has been an all emcompassing fun, maddening, and ultimately rewarding task. But the home is coming together. That doesn't mean I haven't been sewing. In fact, sewing has kept me sane throughout this! I just didn't post to my blog.

My latest sewing project has kept me very busy and is turning out to be a lot of labor. Which is my 'glutton for punishment' mentality because I want to do a lot of sewing for summer! It is the Hot Patterns Riviera Kiss Me Coat.
There is only an illustration of the coat. I could only find one finished coat on Pattern Review and they did not do all of the piping that is in the illustration. The instructions are confusing. I had to email them to get some clarification.
I decided to use a 4 way stretch denim and made my own linen piping. It's taken me two weeks to sew the patch pockets, collar and sleeve and back belts! Here is a sneak peak (I pinned the pockets, arm and collar on to get an idea of what it is going to look like).

Did I mention there is a lot of piping?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Greetings From Napa!

Well, we have been here for about a month and a half and we are loving it! Napa is still a 'small' town but the downtown has gone through a transformation in the last few years with new shops and upscale restaurants.

View of downtown from our house
Its been fun trying new restaurants and bars in our little town and what fun talking to people visiting from all over the world! Our plan is to eat and drink our way through Napa but I fear we may be 300 pounds at that point!

Still a lot of work to do on the house so it can get pretty noisy at times but I finally have my own sewing room! Up til now a sewing room was the stuff of legend so actually having one and putting it together from scratch the way I want it is a dream come true. Let me show you what I've done so far. I'm proud of the closet space but a little embarrassed because now everyone can see what a fabric whore I really am!
At least they are neatly rolled!
We took the old closet doors off because they were pretty beat up but I really think I should get new doors. I opted to roll all of my stash with rubber bands and i really like that I can see ALL and I mean all of my fabric. It makes me think twice when I see fabric on sale hehe.

All of my patterns are stored in marked plastic containers at the top of the closet:

I was inspired by this sewing room.

So I got the same cabinet...
And check out those labels!
This is a standalone kitchen cabinet from Ikea. It weighs a ton but look at all those drawers! We are going to put wheels on the legs and add a drop leaf so I can have a large cutting table.

Here is mission control:

I love having a cork board to pin inspiration and current pattern covers I'm working on.
We brought my Ikea desk from the house but are planning to refinish a vintage desk I found on craigslist and replace it with that.
And here is all of my thread now displayed on thread spools on the wall

It is GREAT having an actual room with a DOOR to keep out pesky thread stealing mongrels!

Yes, Vogue 1285 is still sitting on the mannequin unfinished, did you notice that? I'm sad to say that I have sewed TWO wadders since we have moved!!! I sure hope the sewing room is not cursed.

It would be nice to meet some fellow sewers in the area for inspiration. Maybe have sewing retreats at our house, could be fun!!

....So who wants to come to Napa?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Work in Progress - Vogue 1285

We are literally living out of garbage bags at the moment, but I STILL have my sewing area set up. That will be the last thing to be dismantled hehe. So in between packing and the remodel on our new home in Napa I managed to squeeze in some time to sew. I cut out this pattern about a month ago. This is a Tracy Reese pattern. I wasn't initially attracted to the pictures, probably because they used a stick thin model who does the dress no favors. But the line drawing looked interesting.

It's pretty intense with all of the darts and bands. Lots and lots of fiddling because the bodice darts have to line up perfectly with the skirt darts at the waist. Oh, I should also mention that the darts are sewn, inside out - the flap is on the right side of the dress.

The pattern is really more for a sheer knit and has an underdress:

But I had this Joanns bargain bin fabric lying around and I really need to put a dent in my stash, (which took a few trips to move to the new house!) Now that I have almost finished the outer dress I don't think I am going to make the underdress as this fabric is not sheer at all.

I still have to finish the side invisible zipper and the hem. Overall, I like the way it is looking on me. The darts, although fiddly to match up top to bottom,  add a lot of shape to the design.

Hopefully I will have it done soon, but it may have to wait until after we move in the next couple of weeks.